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Tommy Leddy's Sound Shop:

(Me, Tommy and Maria)…

Here’s a shot featuring one of my favourite fella’s in the Music Industry……

Tommy Leddy has run the Sound Shop in Drogheda for many many years now, and for the last 20 odd years he’s run the Irish National Guitar Show.

In the past he’s had some wonderful players attend the event, and for a while in the late ’90’s it was one of the best selling guitar events anywhere.

The pictures include shots of my friends, some living, some now sadly gone, but there, in a bustling little backwater town near the East Coast of Ireland, Tommy created a show that saw some of the best guitar playing you could ever wish to see…. spontaneous jams, impromptu teaching sessions, late night drinking sessions, early afternoon drinking sessions, and all witnessed by crowds of Music Lovers from all over Ireland.

In recent years, due to the economic climate and a general dumbing down of interest, the shows have become a shadow of what they once were, but we still go whenever Tommy Calls us, and we always will. Because he never stops trying, and neither will we. Tommy Leddy we salute you!

A list of some of the Alumni over the years…..

Joey Greco

Jimi Savage

Damon Chivers

Lou Stonehill

Nick Cooper

Maria Butterly

Mick Sweeney

Stevie Z

Buster B Jones

Peppino D’Agostino

Thom Bresh

Richard Gilewitz

Ed Gerhard

Louis Stewart

Pat McManus

Andy Powell

Richard Gilewitz

Jimmy Smith

Henry McCullough

John  Cruz

Mike Crum

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