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Blog Intro: This is where it all began....

This is one of my school reports.

It wasn't even the worst to be honest, but its the only one I could find.

Now, at first glance, I was obviously a disinterested, useless student, who took more pleasure out of devising ways to 'wag' school, than I ever did in any lessons, but looking back, that's not quite fair....

You see, I was interested in one thing.

And that was music. More specifically, my guitar. More specifically, ANYTHING to do with my guitar.

In fact its probably fair to say that I was obsessed with the thing.

If those bastards had taken the time to try and find out if I was interested in anything, I'd have impressed the hell out of them.

I would have held the school prize for being interested in something.

For not sleeping at night trying to work out Tommy Bolin solo's or 'swotting' for hours over scales and modal relationships that I didn't understand, but instinctively moved towards, sucking in information from magazines, videos (no DVD's back then :-), indeed anywhere I could find out more.

I was the FUCKING King of interested!!!!!!!!!!

But that wasn't good enough for them, you had to be interested in their shit.....

Well, over 30 years on, here's the big news........

I am.

I love science, I love biology, I love physics... I spend ridiculous amounts of money educating myself on these subjects....

How did you fail so spectacularly?

How did you manage to make this stuff boring?

How did you fail to captivate the mind of a teenager that was an almighty sponge, ready to suck in anything that sounded vaguely cool or of interest...

How were you that bad?

How is it possible to make History boring?????????

Its full of war and battle, subterfuge and spies, weapons and treaties..... everything a young mind could want......

But you lot, you made it shit.

And if this sounds bitter, it is.

So begins this Blog.

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