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Tik Tok Tune

It’s genuinely been a source of great joy to me over the years, when people have taken my music and applied it to something they have done themselves.

I don’t mean the Pro TV work or commissions, but where people have taken album tracks and used them in their projects. It used to be that you would get a call or a nice email asking permission to use your music, and I can’t ever remember saying no, but these days, you just happen upon it.

Imagine dear reader, my consummate delight at finding out, that one of my little Jazzy Fingerstyle ditty’s has been used by TiK Tokkers all over the place as background music to their various activities.

It’s called 2 Minute Love song, and it’s from the “Bearing the Weight of the Sun” album.

Go to Tik Tok.

Put Steve Fairclough into search, and press Music at the top.

222 at the time of writing!!

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