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A veteran of the UK Fingerstyle Guitar Scene.

Throughout the 1990’s Steve Fairclough was the Demonstrator for Takamine and Parker Guitars working across Europe and the USA on a steady diet of tours, clinics and concert shows that brought him many accolades as a ‘Guitarists Guitarist’.

He wrote for Total Guitar magazine, he was a Founding Patron of the Bath International Guitar Festival, he has worked with many great names including Martin Taylor, Billy Cobham, Peter Gabriel, and his compositions were featured as the centre piece of the Young Acoustic Guitarist of the Year competitions.

After playing the All Star Guitar Night in 2000 he stopped touring to concentrate on his other love, composition and production and has run his own highly successful company Steve Fairclough Sound Design, providing music and sound design for TV, Radio and Film for many years now.

However in 2012, he re-emerged to start recording and touring once again, and has recently performed shows with Muriel Anderson, Ed Gerhardt, Jaques Stotzem, Greg Koch and other old friends.

In 2014 he was appointed ‘European Ambassador’ for Fishman USA and in-between all of this, he heads up a super high-quality Pro-Audio division as a consultant to the mighty Scan computers.


He spends considerably less time on the road these days, but has been turning out regular albums from his Studio (The Bunker). These have been an eclectic mix ranging from Fingerstyle guitar  (Bearing the Weight of the Sun) through Jazz Fusion (Incorporation), Prog Guitar Rock (Half-Life) and full on Blues (The Nu Blues).

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