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The Ash Can School:

So, at the age of 19/20, I had a band called “The Ash School”. turns out this was an Art Movement in America in the Early 20th Century which showed a gritty realistic side of American life at a time when it was politically incorrect to do so. Who Knew? I just thought it was a cool name….

When we started, it comprised of Mark Burke and Keith Unwin and myself. We played an eclectic mix of Nylon strung guitars, Synth textures and Drums, and we collaborated on pieces together as well playing my compositions.

Eventually Burkey left to study Classical Guitar at the Royal college in London. Keith and were left to take the band onto the next stage of our career.

We brought in my brother Neil on Bass, and local lad, Andy Woods on Keyboards…..

I wont bore you with ups and downs of our musical history, but suffice to say we nearly did it. We bloody well nearly did it…..

Here’s some pictorial memorabilia… enjoy the haircuts!! And here’s a link to a later version of one of our tracks……. A Distant Cousin of the Devil

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