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Why are we here?

Why are we here……….


Do you believe in Nature?

Do you believe in Birds, Flowers, Trees, Mountains and Oceans?

Do you agree that there are things within Nature that seem Miraculous, Unbelievable, Joyous and Heartwarming?

If you do, its because you are part of it.

The reason we are here, is a reward.

Natures Reward.

When your Dad shot his seed into your Mum (yes kids, as revolting a thought as it is, you wouldn't be here if it hadn't happened), upwards of 20 million sperm were released in a massive Marathon race to get to Mums egg and fertilise it.

And you won.

Your little swimmer, that contained half of everything you are today, good and bad, was the winner.

It beat the rest.

It beat the other 19,999,999.

It came first.

It was the strongest, the fastest and the fittest.

You were already a winner before you were born.

And this, Life, is the reward.

Natures reward.

A chance to live.

Albeit for a brief time,

but then millions of others didn’t get that chance....

You did....

And here’s the beautiful bit.....

In the same way that Nature doesn’t care about the cruelty of a Fox ripping apart Chickens, or big fish devouring little fish.

In the same way that it doesn’t care about who lives or dies, who contracts cancer or HIV, who wins lotteries, who succeeds or fails,

It doesn’t care about you.

So, the choice of what to do is yours.

How are you going to spend your time here on Earth?

Because I think, that at the point at which you die, if you are able to contemplate your life in those last few hours or days, then that’s where Heaven and Hell can be found.

If you can look back on your life and say to yourself in all honesty, " It was wonderful.

I packed plenty in. I lived, I loved, I didn’t hurt anybody intentionally, I saw some wonderful stuff, I made a contribution to other peoples lives, I made some things better than they were", then you can leave this life and not feel cheated. Not feel as if you wasted your reward.

If you spent it feeling sorry for yourself in a Drink/Drug sodden haze, that’s ok too.

As long as you can justify it to yourself.

Self pity? Lack of confidence? Nobody really cares, least of all nature, who as I write, is happy with the Squirrels pulling baby chicks out of a Blue Tits nest and throwing their broken, bloodied bodies to the ground in their search for eggs......

Held prisoner from an early age and condemned to a life of brutal torture?

Born disabled, retarded, mentally ill?

Abused as a child, tortured, abandoned?

You can only play the hand you are dealt.

Nature does not care.

Which puts an even bigger onus on those of us lucky enough to be born with a good deal.

At the end of it all, each of us will go back to what we were before we were born, and the Universe will continue for another 6000 million years

Nothing you can do, ultimately changes anything.....

So go,


forget no-one,

make love,

make music,

make art,

make people happy,

do anything you can do to be sure that when your time comes,

you can look back and say,

It was a Wonderful life.

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