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People playing my Shit:

During the ‘90’s I was a patron of the International Guitar Festival run by Phil Castang and Tom Kerstens.

For a few years we ran a competition in conjunction with the IGF, Takamine Guitars and Total Guitar Magazine to find the “Young Acoustic Guitarist of the Year”

The basic premise was that I would compose a short piece, which had to be learned and then played back and interpreted in the style of the young player.

The finals were held in Bath, and we ‘found’ some very talented musicians indeed.

Some years later with the advent of You Tube, it has pleased me no end to see people posting their versions of the pieces I wrote for these competitions…

I include some links below, and also the Tabs are available in the 'Tabs' section, for anyone who wishes to have a go themselves…..

August Dawn:

Rebecca and the Summer Rain:

Marions Dance:

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