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The G7th Capo Company

Back in the day, when I was a demonstrator for Takamine, one of my favourite places to play was Lecicester. Each year Noel Sheehan of Sheehans music would put on an evening in the Guild Hall in Leicester, and we would fill it full of musicians, and have a great evening. Since those days, Noel and his family have become good friends, and these days Sheehans are responsible for one of the best Acosutic shows anywhere, i.e. Acoustic Avalon, but back then it all felt new and exciting and we all fully enjoyed the shows.

One evening a guy came to talk to me. His name was Nick and he explained that he was an engineer as well as a guitar player, and that he’d had an idea for a new design of capo, and would I take a look. From the start I thought he was onto something, and we’ve remained friends ever since. I’m happy to say that G7 capos are now one of the worlds leading Capo companies and Noel Sheehan has since gone onto become Managing Director of the company.

And me, I don’t pay for Capo’s, I’m an Endorsee!  

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