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The Crosstown Blues Band

Since the age of about 24, I’ve had a version of the Crosstown Blues Band happening..

It started as a vehicle for me and my bro. Neil to play some blues rock stuff, but since then has gone on to headline European Blues festivals, open expensive facilities, play at TV commercial wrap parties and play local pubs.

It’s earliest incarnation featured myself, Neil and a certain Ash Soan on kit.

Ash has since gone on to play on some of the biggest Albums in the world including Adele, Robbie Williams, Gary Barlow, Enrique Inglesias etc. He’s also a member of the Producers, which is Trevor Horns band….

After Ash left for the South Andy Treacey took over for a while, and he’s since gone on to work with Faithless, Groove Armada and the Lightning Seeds.

After Andy came Bryan Hargreaves, and Bryan has stuck around a lot longer than anyone else. We’ve done a lot of work together, and he’s a fine musician and singer so he ‘rounds us out’ so to speak. His CV is littered with big names he’s played with…

We also from time to time feature the hard rocking legend that is Greg Morgan……

For a lot of the time we also featured Alison Owens as guest vocals, and Alison has been part of some terrific nights…..

Neil is about to set off for the states to play once again with rock Legends Queen, and I’m sat here writing this, feeling very proud of our little blues trio (+ 1)

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