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Be-Bop Scales:

This is in response to an email from Eddie, who asked about be-bop scales,

I cant do individual lesson’s etc. from this site, but I can post info that might be of benefit.

Basically David Baker looked at how some great Bop players managed to get about so swiftly, and concluded that they were adding an extra note to certain scales/modes in order to allow scale tones to fall on downbeats, anyhow, the net has a million videos/explanations, but these are the ones I use, with an example of an altered dominant scale over G which I use a lot too….

Bebop Scales in G:

Major Bebop

G    A     B      C    D     D#   E    F#    G

Dominant Bebop

G    A     B      C    D     E      F    F#    G

Minor Bebop

G    A     A#  B     C    D     E      F    G

Half Dim Bebop

G    G# A#     C   C#   D   D#     F     G

Altered Dominant  over G:

[G  G# ]                   [Bb  B  C#]                         [Eb  F]                 [G  G#  Bb B]

4th String            3rd String                      2nd String                 1st String

Hope this a) Makes sense and b) helps! 

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