In my main sphere of work, I produce music for TV, Radio and Cinema.

However, I also produce my own stuff, and have a large collection of various sounds from all over the years.

You can listen to them below.

The latest is the “Captain Sybian” Project.

My friend Matt Smith bought me a book.

It was called ‘Behind the Glass’.


In it, great engineers and producers talk about how they achieved some of the sounds they did back in the day.

Out popped my Geek.

He couldn’t put the book down.

We decided to take some of my songs, (some from the past, some recent, but from all different styles and genres) and apply some of these techniques to the songs.

It would have been impossible to track down all the original gear from that time, but thanks to the wonders of modern technology, many of these compressors, distressors, flangers, phasers, desk channels etc. are available as high quality plug-ins.



My regular rhythm section of Brian Hargreaves & my brother Neil Fairclough, tracked the songs with the help of the very wonderful Mark Jones. Then I fleshed most of the tracks in own sweet time, and Neil arranged the vocals.

We both sang whatever was required, and endeavoured to try to get some of those ‘big’ ‘70’s type harmonies so beloved of Queen or 10cc.


Here are a selection of the tracks.

If you think the guitar sound is a bit ‘different’ to how we would record today, that was the effect I was going for.

If you think the tracks are a bit busy, I tried to keep everything within the realms of 16 track recording, using a combination of ‘stem’ mixes and ‘grouping’ within the DAW.

Anyway, I can bore you with that, another time.

For now, just have a listen and tell me what you think.

We really enjoyed the experiment.

Hope you do too.

The “Captain Sybian” project.