If you are looking for my Broadcast work for TV, Radio and Film the you need to go here………..

I’ve written a lot of Guitar pieces which have mainly featured on my Albums.

There’s a page called “People playing my Shit….” where you can see other people playing my stuff…

I’ve included a page called “Composing in the Head…” which features one of my longer pieces, and some thoughts on composition generally….

In all, I’m very happy that for a large section of my life, I have been able to make my living by composition.

Even though it’s been mainly Media Composition, the skill set required and the disciplines involved, are some of the things I’m most proud of. To have been able to keep wolves from doors and families fed just by the contents of your imagination and creativity has been an absolute pleasure and privilege, and I’ve never taken it lightly or been less than truly grateful.

SF arty