Frequently asked questions:


Can I hire Steve to write music for me?  

A)     Yes you can. Contact him here or here.

Will Steve be on tour near me?

A)     In all likelihood, yes he will be.  Steve plays Breedlove Guitars and Alvarez guitars, as well as G&L electrics.  There’s a very good chance that he’ll be playing a clinic near you! Check out this site for details…… www.gotoguitars.com

Can I get Steve to produce me/my band?

A)     Possibly. Steve likes to work with his old friend Matt Smith, when planning band production.

Matt lives in Texas.

First cost is flying him over.

If you’re in so far, we may have a plan………


If it’s just you, and he likes your stuff, maybe you’ll get invited to “The Bunker” to have a little ‘mess around’……

Can I get Steve to play with my band?

A)      Hmmmm,  it’s possible, but  Steve really only plays with “The Crosstown Blues Band” these days…..

Am I likely to be offended if I look at Steve’s Blog site?

A)      Yes, if you’re religious, Vote Conservative or don’t like firm opinions.