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Hoist by my own petard!!


So, a couple of years ago, I found myself at the Frankfurt MusikMesse, again. I think it was my 20th Frankfurt show.

My business partner in GoTo and I were staying in a little village about a half hour train ride away from the city, a place called Bad-Soden.


It’s a lovely town, and more importantly its not Frankfurt.

It has some great hotels, and restaurants, and the people are very friendly.

On the first night we burst into a little Indian restaurant in the centre of town. It had been a long long day, and I was very tired and thirsty. When the waiter arrived to take our order, I asked him for the biggest, coldest beer he could find. Of course he only had regular sized glasses, and I ribbed him about that, sank the first pint almost in one, and then immediately asked for another.

When he brought that, I did the same i.e. necked it in one, and asked for another.

The meal arrived we were fed, all was good.

2 nights later, we were out with the guys from Protection racket, the drum covers people.

They wanted to go to the Indian as they hadn’t had a curry in days, I had no objection as the food was good.

We went in and sat down.

Everyone placed their drink orders.

The same waiter from the previous evening came back with a Flower vase full of 5 Litres of German ale for me!

I drank it. ALL…….